Annual Fund-Raising Tournaments

To get financial support to fund its activities, the Golf Foundation hosts annual Invitational Pro Ams and Championships.

These hugely popular tournaments held in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru have become 'must attend' events in India's golfing calendar. The Golf Foundation has now expanded its footprint in the US and UAE.

Sponsoring Grassroot Golf

Jandali Village Golf

Recently, The Golf Foundation started supporting children from Jandali Village near Ludhiana, to develop their golf skills. Earlier the very talented village children used to practise with clubs fashioned out of iron construction rods (sarias). Now, TGF has been regularly helping the kids with equipment – clubs, mats, shoes, balls, apparel, holes, hole cutters, green mowing machines, bunker rakes, flags, range finders etc – as well as getting them to participate in IGU & TGF’s Fund Raiser Tournaments.

Chembur Slums in Mumbai

In 2020, The Golf Foundation sponsored a team of 6 caddies from the Chembur Slums in Mumbai to represent India in the ‘World Urban Golf Cup’ in France. The team was escorted by Angad Luthra, CEO, The Golf Foundation.